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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

More from my Drawing For Animation class

Everything here was from my Drawing for Animation Class with Joe Olson, who is awesome.
Medium used is all traditional ink.
This assignment was to take some reference, draw it as front and back, then mess with it to make a character. The character I made was the Fairy Godmother from the Bronx. That's gum she's popping.

This photo comes from The Satorialist. It's awesome. Check it out for great fashion photography.

This is the Iterations assignment, a semester long project. In this project we were to design as if it were going to be a vinyl toy. We were given a theme, then given instruction and criticism on how to improve it, then we had to take the same base and re-vamp it to a new theme. Can I say that it was really a struggle to turn it into a Soviet theme? I remember that Joe, my teacher. would never tell us how to do it and gave me very little in the way of instruction, but because of that I really got to explore on my own and come up with my own ideas. It was quite the experience, really hard at first but very rewarding.

Snowbeast was a theme for a larger project, but here is the actualy Snowbeast design. I rather like him.

The assignment was vehicle. ... Not my strong suit, but I had fun drawing the animals.

Here the theme was something like "Place of Terror!" I decided to do my toilet as it had had a complete break down and back up previous to this assignment. I'm especially fond of the furry mold on the back of it.

Lastly, these are textures. The assignment was to find and draw 12 textures in pen. I'm a pretty proud of the broken glass and the turtle's neck, myself.

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